Welcome to Flybe Virtual

Hello and a very warm welcome to Flybe Virtual, we are a virtual airline operating from bases around the United Kingdom to destinations across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We operate a range of regional and medium haul aircraft operating on Flybe routes. Flybe Virtual started up halfway through 2020 hoping to provide a more realistic flight simulation experience to the community of virtual pilots worldwide. We have a range of pilot skills from those who are new to flight simulation through to those pilots with years of experience, and of course, everything in between.

What We Offer

Airline Schedules

We offer 975 real world schedules from Flybe giving you endless destinations to fly and explore.

Friendly Community

We offer a very welcoming and friendly community our pilots and staff alike will help you with anything you need.

Crew Centre

We have a modern, latest release crew centre, giving you the ability to use with ease, booking flights and automatically generating flight briefings.

Latest Airline News

Automatic Flight Briefings

Our system will now generate an automatic (SimBrief) flight briefing for your flight. Once your flight is booked it will give you the option to Generate OFP. This will give you a full flight plan document for your flight. Once on the OFP page it will, at the top, say File New PIREP, once you've pressed this all flight fields will be populated, please just update any fields as required.

Flight Reporting

We currently have an ACARS system in testing, as the system is quite new. For the time being we are accepting manual PIREP's. If you have any questions or issues please use the Help Desk link.

Welcome to Flybe Virtual

Welcome to the new Flybe Virtual, we have completely updated our home website and our Operations Centre. We can't wait to see you all flying in our skies, go, ahead and sign up today, if you have a question or need support click the Contact Us link on our home website or Help Desk in the Operations Centre.

Our Partners

Italian Trulli

Open source virtual airline management software.

Italian Trulli

International Virtual Aviation Organization VZW is a non-profit association which operates a free-of-charge online flight-simulation network.

Italian Trulli

Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network is a nonprofit organization that operates an online flight-simulation network noted for its active membership and realism.